The demand for electricity is steadily increasing in  Bangladesh. However, the capacity addition has not been able to catch up with the demand growth spurred by rapid urbanization & industrialization and population growth; and this resultant large-scale use of electricity for irrigation, domestic, industrial and commercial purposes has resulted in large shortfalls in the both power and energy terms in Bangladesh . On the other hand, Bangladesh had mainly relied on domestic natural gas and imported fuel oil as its primary energy resource, along with generation of domestic natural gas stepped into declining period, diversifying the supplement of primary energy resource has become a very urge target to Bangladesh’s government, in order to make a long term power supply development, Bangladesh’s government has adopted coal based power plant as its developing strategy in the future and promoted the development of related projects actively.

In view of this impending scenario, a joint venture company named “Bangladesh-ChinaPower Company (Pvt.) Limited (BCPCL)” has been formed,incorporated and registered in first October,2014, by North West Power Generation Company Limited (NWPGCL) and China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC). The company has primarily started its functioning to set up an coal fired power plant (2X660MW) at Dhankhali in Patuakhali District, Bangladesh.